Number Chef builds you up to tear you down.

The game logic feels simple, the puzzles might look simple… but the game is anything but simple.

Number Chef is a game of pure skill: every level is instantly solvable, in most cases in more ways than one. The game features 150 painstakingly hand-crafted and -tested levels.

Winning or losing is all up to you: there is no way to buy to complete a level or to get a lucky break from the game engine. There are no pay to win –mechanics aiming to tempt you to spend money on consumable coins, or random levels designed to frustrate you.

The game is firm believer in creating the feeling of achievement and triumph through pain and failure.

Each episode brings new types of game blocks to the mix, further amping up the challenge.

Number Chef - see what can be done by a single indie game designer.

Truly original

Who said all game ideas would have been already done? Try out something completely new. Easy to learn, excruciatingly hard to master.


If you're looking for an easy game, Number Chef is not for you. This game will make your brain hurt from thinking. But in a painfully fun way. Winning is no fun if losing doesn't hurt!

Fair play

Free to play. No pay to win. No random mechanics tempting you to "buy more coins". Every level solvable on the first try, every level carefully handmade and tested.

Fun for all ages

It's not really an educational game, but there's no sex or violence, or no surprising 79 dollar diamond purchase bills coming your way. Simply great puzzles to develop your thinking.


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Press & reviews


"While the levels and gameplay may seem easy, it definitely isn't. However, each puzzle does have multiple ways it can be solved, so solutions are not linear. The other unique aspect to this game is that there are no pay-to-win mechanics, stamina systems, or anything like that. IAPs are limited to new episodes that are released with a decent amount of additional content coming with them.

If you're a fan of challenging number puzzle games, then you may want to check this one out."


"The puzzles start off easy; level one requires you to reach a total of 4 from four 1s, so obviously you just add those suckers together. But things quickly become much more challenging and the game opens out into a fiendishly complex, yet addictive, addition to the smartphone puzzle genre. With over 150 hand-produced levels, and no annoying ads trying to sell you add-ons and shortcuts you don’t really need, Number Chef certainly comes out on top; a genuine puzzler that wants to stump you and charm you simultaneously."


"Number Chef is an intriguing — yet tough-as-nails — game of deceptively simple seeming mathematical puzzles, where more and more rules are slowly added over time. Those whom both love math and being utterly stumped will greatly appreciate Number Chef’s 120 different non-randomized puzzles..."


"The design is absolutely brilliant: graphics are excellent and usability is perfect and professional, nothing to complain about. And don't worry about running out of challenges: you have 135 levels to get frustrated. You won't need to pay for anything: just be patient, start all over, and try again."

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